10 Best Products For Oily Skin That You Can’t Live Without

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If you have oily skin, it spells disaster when you are fighting to keep oil under control. While it’s frustrating enough to look for the right match, it’s even more frustrating to buy a product that will make your condition worse. It is aggravating when the same products irritate your skin. To be honest, there are different causes for oily skin. One of the most common reasons is genetic in nature. This is when it is not a simple case of controlling hormones through topical solutions. Androgens cause healthy oil production. Although it has its benefits the problem with androgens is that this can place oil production in hyper drive. The pores suffer when blocked with oil. Some common manifestations are blackheads and white bumps.


Signs of Oily Skin

  • After an hour your face begins to appear greasy especially in the middle of the day
  • Oily areas of your skin have black or white heads. Appearance of pimples and acne can be observed as well
  • Large pores visible to the eyes on the chin, nose and forehead
  • Makeup won’t stay on long enough on the face and you need to re-apply it several times throughout the day


Best Products for Oily Skin

  1. Water soluble cleanser. This is a cleanser that will not leave a hint of residue behind after rinsing. It is a must that it be fragrance free
  1. Alcohol free toner containing This helps your skin to heal while it minimizes large pores. This will keep the swelling down as it removes dead cells from your skin
  1. Product that has salicylic acid. This serves as exfoliation not just on the skin surface but inside of the pores as well. In the long run, even red marks left behind by skin blemishes will become lighter with continued use of this product
  1. Sunscreen that offers weightless protection for your skin. You can use a matte base foundation for this purpose
  1. Products that offer sufficient skin hydration. These have antioxidants and skin repairing properties
  1. Oil absorbing products. Use oil blotting papers
  1. Even if you have oily skin, this does not mean you should skip a skin moisturizer. Look for one that can keep your skin hydrated. Think oil free and you are good to go
  1. Use a product that contains hyaluronic acid. This can hold water more than a thousand times over and keep your skin hydrated while balancing the oil content of your skin
  1. Use an oil based This might be a big surprise for you to know that removing excess oil on the skin means using oils. The oils that your skin will be cleansed from are different from those found in these cleansers
  1. Use Green Tea to remove excess oil on the skin. This will prevent your skin from breaking out with acne


Products that will dry or irritate the skin is a bad idea. It is a must to avoid choosing ingredients that will irritate the skin at all costs. Products that make your skin tingle are bad for your skin. These are products that contain menthol, mint, lemon and eucalyptus. Ingredients that can cause your pores to clog should be avoided as well. If you are suffering from acne scaring, using Vitamin C can prevent further skin damage. Take some of the blotting papers inside your bag for those last minute oil control needs. This is the better approach rather than using powder to keep the shine under control. Learn to distinguish immediate and long term solutions for your oily skin. If your skin can talk it will thank you for your effort in keeping it oil free.

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