13 Organizing Tips For Small Closets

Struggling how to make your clothes, shoes, bags and accessories fit in to your tiny closet? Here are some awesome and helpful tips to save the day.

Use Proper Hangers

Proper clothing care calls for appropriate hangers: satin padding for more delicate items and sturdy wood hangers for tailored jackets.

Stack Shoe Boxes

Slim plastic shoe boxes stack compactly, while hanging canvas shelves offer an inexpensive alternative to built-ins.

Store Accessories in Clear Plastic Drawers

Clear plastic drawers make perfect storage quarters for neatly rolled scarves, underwear, and belts.

Stow Away

To free up closet space, store out-of-season clothing and shoes under the bed. Make your own containers by sanding and painting old drawers. Add casters for easy accessibility.

Tie One On

Add a tie rack to keep ties and scarves organized and within easy reach.

Store on the Door

Take advantage of every inch when you have a small closet. Over-the-door organizers can be used to house shoes, small handbags, scarves, jewelry, and more.

Stagger Rods

This idea’s a little high-concept, but can help fill any closet efficiently. The differing heights separate clothes by type, and ensure longer items won’t drag on the floor.

Look Up

A column of rods (or even crown molding) can turn an empty wall space into the perfect place for storing high heels.

Divide & Conquer

Wire shelf dividers keep stacks of sweaters, T-shirts, and jeans from toppling each time you change outfits. Encourage order by shifting seasonal items to the top shelf and organizing everyday items at eye level. Label shelf edges so everyone knows what goes where to avoid mix-ups.

Embrace Storage Accessories

Accessories from shelf dividers to stackable bins are a small closet’s best friend. Innovative, off-the-shelf products from local home improvement centers can organize wardrobe and grooming essentials for convenience. Over-the-door hooks and organizers can save valuable hanging space by stashing coats, bags, or drop-zone items.

Customize Creatively

When a spacious closet system is out of the question, consider an easy DIY closet project. In just a few hours, you can customize a small closet with removable drawers. Basket-style drawers on runners easily slide in and out for easy access. Depending on the closet’s width, you might need to install a vertical dividing board to support the runners. Use screws to secure the board to the bottom of the closet and the shelf above.

Don’t Be An Underwear Hoarder

Narrow down your underwear to a favorite 12-14 pairs. When a pair starts to get old and frayed, toss it out and replace it. Another smart tip: Roll your underwear to keep your undies easily separated.

Limit Your Closet To Ready-To-Wear

Separate clothing that needs repairs or alterations – missing buttons, stuck zippers, hemline taken up – so each item in your closet fits and is in good condition. (And hopefully you’ll be inspired to actually get those repairs made!)

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