Tips on How to Make Shopping Online Safe

Safe online shopping

Online shopping has become a good revenue source running up to billions of dollars. Just like other online shoppers shopping online gives you good bargains especially if you are given special discount coupons from such sites like Amazing Deals Finder. Shopping has never been easier at least for most people like you who are too busy to shop on a physical store. What about the not so good guys? There are actually thieves that attempt to swindle you of your sign-in credentials. These are referred to as phishing attacks. There are certain sites that pretend to be a genuine shopping site only to be just a simple way to steal your credit card information. Some of these sites have malware where malicious codes are place to compromise your confidential information.

The rising incident of credit card theft and phishing attacks has grown alarmingly huge to as much as 89 percent according to statistics. However, the good news is that these statistics does not come from legit shopping sites. It is therefore important to know that the site that you will buy from is a genuine honest to goodness seller or else your private information is compromise. These incidents should not prevent you from shopping online you just need to use your common sense. Better listen to sound advice to avoid falling prey to scams.

How to Choose Legit Shopping Sites

  • Choose Trustworthy Shopping Sites. Use a trusted site rather than simply rely on using any major search engine although these can be helpful. There are sites that will misled you to sites that will rip you off. Check whether the site is spelled right. Most of the legit sites will use dot com instead of dot net or something similar to this. Check the reviews given as well since these are old tricks use by those who plan to scam you out of your cash. Avoid offers that seems too good to be true. By the way this is also another sign that the site in question is not to be trusted
  • Lock use before the name of the site. The symbol use is HTTPS instead of plain HTTP. You can see a locked icon near the name of the site. You will notice this when you do transact with banks online. The same encryption that protects banks are employed by these sites
  • Avoid revealing too much confidential information. Never give anybody information about your social security number. These can do a lot of damage. Knowing more about you means they can easily steal your identity
  • Check on Fraudulent charges. Check if the items that they bill you with are the same one that you are ordering. There are times when charges from such sites as PayPal can just pop up even without you knowing where this came from. It will not harm you if you inquire if you are in doubt whether you have ordered for that particular product or not

In addition to this it does not hurt to check if the site as a physical address. Read reviews given on different sites about these sellers to ensure that you are not being conned. Check if your computer operating system is up to date and protected from virus or phishing attacks. Use strong passwords that are unique enough to foil any attempts to steal your private information. If you cannot avoid using other computers go incognito. The same thing can be said about accessing information through public Wi-Fi. These includes those that are found in airports or similar establishments. Remain vigilant and keep abreast of the latest updates.