5 Easy Do-It-Yourself Beauty Products – Saving While Spending Less

Homemade facial masks with natural ingredients, on color wooden table, on bright background

Do you want to look beautiful while saving money at the same time? The not-so-secret formula is revealed: use do-it-yourself beauty products. The ingredients are readily available and buying in bulk will help keep the cost down as well. When you are just starting with this do-it-yourself project for self-beautification, the cost of paying for natural ingredients might be a bit pricey, but in the long run, this will help you save money. Each ingredient can have multiple uses. This simply means not a lot is needed for each kind of beauty product.

When you say beauty products, this covers a multitude of skin and hair care products. When shopping for ingredients, look for stuff that you can use to take care of your skin and hair. If you’d rather go organic, this can come with a bit higher price tag, but it is worth every penny.

Most Commonly Used Natural Ingredients for Beauty Products:

1.    Coconut Oil. There are plenty of amazing tricks that you can do with this oil. An army of natural beauty believers share that this oil can be used for the face, arms, and hair. Speaking of hair, coconut oil is a natural leave-on conditioner. When mixed with honey, you can use this as an effective hair mask

2.    Shea Butter. This is better known as superfood for the skin. Even children will benefit from using this butter to treat eczema. Shea butter can be used to treat a multitude of skin diseases like small skin wounds, frost bites, insect bites and other skin allergies. This butter can be used to ease away muscle tension. Whip together a mean melted Shea butter cream, with essential oils and base oils. The last ingredient is optional. It is your choice whether to use this or not

3.    Turmeric. If you want to avoid spending on over-the-counter teeth whitening products, this is not just a powder to spice up your dishes, although generally it is used in that way. This may stain the hands, but it’s a different story when used on the teeth. You will have to bear a few minutes of yellowish stain on your teeth. Don’t worry about the “after” photo of what your teeth will look like. You have to do this a few times a week. The use of this ingredient will also help you fight gum disease

4.    Sugar. This sweetener can be used to exfoliate when mixed together with honey, coconut oil and lemon juice. This is a gentle exfoliant for the face and lips. When mixed with peppermint essential oil, coconut oil is a good mixture for a foot scrub. This also gives the skin that healthy glow. Sugar and salt has been mixed mostly for scrubs

5.    Lemon juice. Think homemade lemon facial mask by mixing honey with lemon juice. This will actually help eliminate black heads. A mixture of lemons, chamomile tea, and coconut oil can serve as a hair lightening conditioner. Since lemon juice is acidic, it performs better when bleaching the hair without Another recipe calls for a mixture of chamomile tea, cinnamon and lemon to produce the same results. Treat your feet like royalty by combining peppermint, coarse sea salt, and lemon juice to prep your feet after a pedicure

These are just some of the beauty products that are easy to make. The use of these natural ingredients is better than those produced purely out of a chemical process. If you have sensitive skin using beauty products, it might just be your skin savior. If you are just starting with this project, store beauty products that contain ingredients used as food for just a week. Products that contain oil needs some antioxidants to extend its shelf life. Think fresh. Even if you mix a fresh batch of beauty product, it will not cost a lot. You can even use these to gift to somebody you love. Keep in mind to use the right container and include some simple instructions. Anyone who will receive this gift will thank you personally for the thoughtful gesture.