Fashion Dos and Don’ts – What to Wear and What Not to Wear for an Interview

job interview

You are excited to land your very first job and for a good reason. Being invited for a job interview is just the first part of the process however, one wrong move can blow your chances for getting hired. Wearing the wrong clothes can distract an employer and may create a bad impression. It won’t matter even if you have prepared a well-polished resume and you are prepared to share your outstanding skills because it boils down to what you are wearing. You want to impress your potential employer but, are finding it hard to look for something to wear.

It is always a good idea to come prepared before the scheduled interview. Create a mental checklist of what you need to prepare. If you are more comfortable to write it down, then do so. It will help you relax if you come prepared. Chances of landing your dream job are great if you are confident about how you look. Since your problem is more about what to wear, check out this information.


Fashion Dos

  • Never wear ill-fitting clothes. Choose professional looking clothes however, check if this fits you perfectly. It would be a bonus if you can move freely while wearing it
  • Too Casual Looking clothes. Even if you are being interviewed for a position in a laid-back kind of workplace, going too casual for a job interview is a big no. Wear your fun clothes later on when you are hired. Avoid wearing anything that announces the brand, like shirts with the brand written all over it. This is especially true if you are wearing a competitor’s logo. Even before you open your mouth, this will not land well with your would-be employer
  • Avoid wearing distracting clothes. Even if you feel comfortable wearing revealing clothes, unless you are being interviewed as a model for lingerie, it is not wise to create this impression. In this case, since it is a matter of first impressions that lasts, stick to the basics. If in case you are interviewed for the position of a fashion designer, it is okay to wear the kind of clothes that you design just as long as it will jibe with what the company is selling. You can actually search the internet and look for what the company has in mind for prospective employees. There are cases when the company employees or former employees post their feedbacks on different forum sites
  • Minimize the use of accessories. Avoid wearing jewelry that produces a jingling sound. This is another way of creating unwanted attention
  • You can actually clarify with the company for the kind of clothes that they may require for you to wear for the interview
  • Never wear clothes that looks like you slept in it. It would be safe to wear wash and wear clothes that will not need ironing

If you are listening to music on the way to your interview, take the headphones off. Some other last minute good grooming tips may include keeping the nails well-trimmed and avoid nail colors that call attention. Never wear perfume that may smell good for you since there are some that are allergic to the scent of perfume. Remember that a big part of creating good impressions is how you dress. Putting forth a little effort can go a long way to land this job. It is better to play safe and land the job than wonder why you were not able to get hired. In a tight competition to get the job, everything matters which includes your overall appearance.