8 Cleaning Hacks To Make Your Life Easier

“Out of clutter, find simplicity.”- Albert Einstein 

Fighting Oil With Oil

Believe it or not, you can actually remove greasy buildup on your stove hood and stovetop with oil. That sounds weird we know, but apparently it works great. You just drop a couple of drops of mineral oil (or you can actually use vegetable oil) onto a paper towel and rub it across the greasy gunk. The oil removes the gunk without the use of harsh chemicals. Once you’re done removing the greasy mess, just go over it with an all-purpose cleaner if you want or you can leave it – the oil makes it really shiny and helps to make cleanups in the future really easy.

Instructions here.

Clean Mini Blinds With Vinegar

There is a relatively new trick that involves the dishwasher for cleaning blinds but this little trick is much faster and you don’t have to take the blinds down first. You just mix together equal parts of water and vinegar in a bowl and then don an old sock (slip it on your hand not your feet). Just dip the sock in the vinegar and water mixture and then run it over your blinds. You can also use a second old sock to wipe away the dampness after you have cleaned each slat in the blind.

Instructions here. 

Clean Your Fabric Couch With DIY Natural Cleaners

Freshen up your sofa with this DIY natural fabric cleaner recipe and a vacuum. This cleaning idea breathes new life into any of your upholstered furniture.

Instructions here.

DIY Washing Machine Cleaning Hack

House Learning to how to clean your washing machine feels a little bit like learning learning how to paint a paint-stick. It seems like it should be second nature to a washing machine to be clean, but this easy cleaning tip and cleaning solution recipe will blow you away with the results.

Instructions here.

Clean Your Microwave With Water And Lemon

When it comes to cleaning our kitchen and all the adjacent appliances, we often overlook the microwave, when the truth is that it deserves all our attention. The microwave can get just as greasy as your kitchen sink or your stove, this is why it must be cleaned and degreased on a regular basis – and all you have to do is to fill a cup with water and add some lemon to it! Put it in the microwave and heat it up, as the steam will make the grease a lot easier to remove.

Instructions here.

The Ultimate Copper Pots Cleaner

If you want to keep your copper pots shiny, clean and bacteria-free, then you might want to take salt and vinegar into account! Vinegar is highly acidic, and this is precisely what makes it your best ally in the battle with hardened grease and dirt – add some salt to it, and its effect will be even more potent. As a matter of fact, vinegar and salt is the ultimate combination if you have decided to clean your entire kitchen – it can work on just about any surface!

Instructions here.

Dryer Sheets

These little pieces of cloth are pure magic, even after they’ve been used in the dryer! A used dryer sheet can buff out water spots from your mirrors and bathroom/kitchen fixtures, tackle waterspots on your shower doors, and even get rid of that loathsome ring in the toilet that just won’t budge! Use new dryer sheets to wipe your baseboards clean, and you’ll be not only be cleaning them but adding a dust-fighting layer to them as you go!

Make your microfiber couch look like new

Want to remove the evidence of kids and pets from your microfiber couch? Rubbing alcohol is your answer! Use a spray bottle to cover your couch with rubbing alcohol, then use a clean white sponge to rub the couch. You’ll see the dirt and grime coming off on the sponge, so use a few if you need to! Once the couch is dry, use a stiff scrubbing bristle brush to fluff up the fibers and get it looking like new!

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