10 Things Future Brides Are Ready To Go Through In The Name Of Love

10 Things Future Brides Are Ready To Go Through In The Name Of Love

June is just around the corner and some people make crazy decisions during this month- like getting married. Don’t get me wrong, I love the idea of weddings, brides, grooms, fairytale love stories, happy endings and all those sorts of things, but not just yet. The stress of wedding preparations is what I am so anxious about. I definitely do not want to look like a haggard bride in front of my guests and most especially my groom. I’ve asked my friends who had experienced the “hell before heaven” wedding prep and I’d like to share to you some of those behind-the-scenes you would want to know before you say “I do”.

People will ask if they are invited to your BIG day and sometimes, you run out of reasons to say NO that you end up saying YES.

As much as you want to accommodate everyone, you just can’t. You have to decide and list down those people who are important enough to you and your groom. After all, it’s your wedding and you invite whoever you want to celebrate with you on that special day without the need to explain.

Suddenly, everyone wants to be part of your entourage.

This is a very stressful decision-making part of planning a wedding. Especially if you have a big circle of girlfriends and you don’t want to upset anyone by picking one over the other. You have to make tough decisions in choosing who your maid of honor or bridesmaids would be or end up not having an entourage at all.

Your girlfriends will try to make their dream wedding ideas happen in your wedding.

“Seriously? The last time I checked this is my wedding.” While you’re very much open to your friends’ suggestions, you can’t help but wish they’re not trying to make it look like they’re “stealing” your own wedding from you by saying, “When I get married, want it to be (insert the things they want to happen).

River of Tears will overflow.

Tears will be non-stop, before, during and even after the wedding… and most likely, it’s not gonna be from your eyes but your girlfriends, your family and sometimes from your exes.

People who are not invited will bug you for their invitation, and people you invited will ignore your RSVP date.

How ironic. But these happens… and you can just sigh deeply with frustration on this kind of irony.

After your final dress-fitting, you’ll realize that instead of losing weight as what you’ve planned out, you end up gaining more.

The culprit- stress eating. You tried your best though… at least you tried.

You’ll realize that the source of most of your wedding-related problems, is unfortunately your partner’s family.

When you wed, it’s not only you and your partner who’s going to marry each other, but as well as your families… and in some cases, this can become bloody.

Your wedding’s Official Sound Track.

There are just too many great songs out there that you’ll have a hard time choosing. You’ll think every love song will fit your love story and the list just goes on and on and on until you can’t decide which one to play first.(Tip: This is not a concert but a wedding!)

You will seriously consider dragging your partner to the nearest judge or church and marry him right then and there.

Forget all the preparation! Let’s go get married, NOW!

You’ll realize that after all the hell you went through in planning your wedding, you’d still want to do it all over again as long as it will lead you to the person you want to spend your forever with.

At the end of it all, you’d still want to say “I do.”


Nothing beats the feeling of having your fairy tales come true. It feels wonderful to know that there’s someone whom you would want to spend the rest of your life with and knowing that that someone wants to spend the rest of his with you too. One thing I learned about my friends’ weddings is that, you should marry for the right reasons, because that’s what you’re going to hold onto after the wedding. You should not only dream for a beautiful wedding, but rather a beautiful marriage. Remember that weddings last only a day, but marriage will always last a lifetime.