DIY: How To Re-purpose Old Clothes

“I don’t think outside of the box. I think what I can do with the box.” – Anonymous

Turban Headband

Want to try the turban trend on for size? Make one out of a tee—just twist and loop a seven-inch band of jersey to get this cool girl look. Idea from 11th Thread

No-Sew Tote Bag

Have you ever thought, man, that old graphic tee would make a killer tote bag? We’re here to tell you that dreams do come true. Add this no-sew project to your weekend “to make” list! Idea from Oh So Pretty.

Multi-Color Pouch

We’re pretty floored by this beautiful t-shirt embroidered pouch—how intricate is this design? Click through to download a template with step-by-step instructions, lucky you! Idea from The Re Fab Diaries.

“Kiss Me” Lip Sweatshirt

A simple sweatshirt, tulips sponge pouncer and tulip fabric paint. A lip stencil, wax paper, a piece of cardboard, a bit of hot pink glitter, some fabric glue, a knife for the lips, tape and a pair of scissors. Start by printing the “lip design” that you want to be on your sweatshirt and the dimension that you prefer. Using the knife cut the stencil. Remove the sweatshirt collar. Place the piece of cardboard inside the sweatshirt. This way you will protect the other side of the shirt from the paint. Use tape and fix the stencil on the shirt. Add color on top of the wax paper. Add paint also on the sponge pouncers. Apply paint on the shirt using the sponge pouncers. Add fabric glue on top of the paint and some glitter. This way you will give your sweatshirt a 3D effect. Let everything dry for 6 hours. Shake the shirt to remove the remaining glitter. Leave everything to dry well for 72 hours. Just wear it!!!

Bow Back T-Shirt

Cut the back of the “old” T-Shirt. Make the bows using the textile pattern. You will need to cut a few broad pieces and some smaller ones to wrap the full pieces. After you have finished the bow you can start restyling your T-Shirt: use a sewing machine and start attaching the bows on the back side. Also don’t forget that using the back part of the T-Shirt you can cover the sides. And your restyled T-Shirt is finished!!!

No-Sew Crop Top

A white top (you can use a colourful one also) and a pair of scissors.Follow the picture bellow: take your white, plain T-Shirt and with the help of the scissor, cut a part of the material from it. Now all you have to do is to make another vertical reduction (section) in front of the T-Shirt and you are good to go!

Rag Rug

A collection of worn-out t-shirts are snipped and threaded together to create an explosive rug. Idea from Molly Kay Stoltz.

Sweater Skirt

For the tween in your life, a tired sweater turns into a trendy mini skirt with a couple of new seams. Idea from Designs by Essa.

Source: Brit + CoDipFeedGood Housekeeping

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