7 Warning Signs You’re A Shopaholic and Ways To Curb It


7 Warning Signs You’re A Shopaholic and Ways To Curb It

As what a popular saying goes, “Too much of a good thing is a bad thing.” One example is eating chocolates. Eating just the right amount of it is beneficial to our body but when you can’t seem to stop giving in to your cravings and consume it in large quantities, that’s when bad things happen. Same goes with our shopping habit. There’s nothing wrong with a little shopping but you should know when to stop and control yourself when you need to or it can lead to a more serious condition – shopping addiction.

Here are the warning signs of being a certified shopaholic and how to cease it:

  • A big chunk of your expenses goes to your shopping spree.

You can’t seem to pause and think twice about spending your money for a new bag you see at a store. Regardless if you need it or just want it, you’ll still buy it by hook or by crook.

That money you spent could have gone to pay your other much needed expenses.

  • Just like any other form of addiction, you get a “high” when going out and buying something.

Shopaholics tend to get that feeling of elation when buying anything they want. It can change their mood big time. Surely, shopping can be a form of stress reliever, but when it goes out of control that you think everything in that shoe rack you see at the mall has a neon sign that says, “Buy Me and Be Happy!” that’s another story.

  • Check your closet.  If you see unopened boxes of shoes or clothes with price tags that have never been used, you’re on your way to being a certified shopaholic.

Shopping addicts in some cases don’t even remember that they bought those items. They bought them just because, put them in their closets and forget about them until they rot.

  • You purchase things even when you don’t need them or worse, even when you have tons of them in your possession.

Shopping junkies just can’t seem to curb themselves from buying on impulse and just make crazy purchases, even though they already have more than enough of them, just for the sake of buying it.

  • You try to conceal your shopping habits.

When you think your shopping obsession draws a lot of attention from your family and friends already, you tend to hide it from them. You start to lie and make up stories about your shopping activities just to cover it up and for them to leave you alone.

  • You feel restless on the days that you don’t shop.

Shopping devotees feel out of sorts on the days they can’t shop, they feel their life depends on it, and they think that the only way to release this anxiety is by buying something. It’s like hunger that only shopping can appease.

  • You are shopping beyond your means.

Maxing out your credit cards is definitely not a good thing. That’s one of the things shopaholics miss to realize so they keep on buying things again and again not minding the consequences it brings. It leads to skyrocketing debt and may tempt you to lie or steal.

If you think you’re exactly doing the things above or if you know someone who does, here are simple ways you can try to suppress your shopping fascination:

  • Divert your attention to other things.

Do something you really like, apart from shopping of course. Exercise, listen to music, read, try sports or anything that can take your mind off spending money.

  • Stay away from anything that will likely lead you to shop.

Resist shopping at all costs. You have to identify what triggers you to go shopping every time and when you see it coming your way or tempting you again, do not give in.

  • Bring just enough cash to buy what you need and create a shopping list.

Leave your bank cards at home to avoid any unnecessary purchases and just stick to what’s on your list.

  • Ask for professional help.

If you think that you’re still unable to sever your ties from the pleasure of shopping, don’t hesitate to ask for help from professionals. Consider going through therapy and recovery programs to address your condition.

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