DIY Fashion Tops You Should Try

Balenciaga Inspired Crop Top

Balenciaga Inspired Crop Top

Make yourself a super cool and stunning crop top at home, inspired by the smash hit concept of the 50s – Balenciagas. And, this one has been actually cut out from an old tank lying in your closet. Coupling up the sensuous top with a lovely low-waist jeans won’t fail to bring out the pretty girl in you. What you need to pull off the technique is a pair of scissors, a needle, a thread, and of course, a tank top that you want to transform into plain gorgeousness.

DIY Knotty Crop Top

Up-style that old dress of yours that has got not-so-trendy with time and transform it into a DIY Knotty Crop Top that hits the bull’s eye when it comes to setting new trends. You don’t need to go for any sewing or stitching to bring the thing of beauty to life. All it takes is some cutting and knotting. The key is to cut the bottom to your desired length and cut some strips out of the bottom, followed by tying the strands to form super adorable knots hanging loosely from the crop.

DIY Tie Front Tank No Sewing Needed

It has been rightly said that a picture speaks a thousand words. This tutorial to recreate an ultra cool DIY Tie Front Tank proves the statement just so perfect, explaining the whole process in just a matter of eight visual steps. It’s so easy that a plain glance at the steps won’t make you feel the need to go through any detailed instructions. What’s even more amazing is that the pretty-knot-in-the-front tank doesn’t need you to engage in any sewing – just some cutting and tying.

The Braided Trident Racerback

This fitted t-shirt transformation has a polished look to it. By braiding the edges, the fabric is pulled in for the perfect fit… no flaps or hanging on this project. If you are looking for a well-fitting, finished t-shirt project, this is it.

Baby Doll Shirt

Change up a t-shirt to make a baby doll shirt that is flattering to the bust line and can even cover a little extra tummy you’re still trying to work off.

Strapless T-shirt Dress

Using just a couple of old t-shirts and some DIY creativity, you can make this unbelievably cool strapless dress. Learn how with this easy to follow step by step tutorial and make a couple of these fun dresses for summer.

No-Sew Lattice Shoulder Cutout Tee

Oversized shirt that no one wants to wear? Now, let’s grab a pair of scissors and a bit of studs from grandmas, then get crafting with the easy DIY refashioning project.

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