Fun Ways To Recycle Paper Towel and Toilet Paper Rolls


Recycling takes a little effort on your part, but makes a big difference to the world. In our own little and creative ways, we can surely make something beautiful and useful out of what we consider as “trash”. Take a look at these fun and ingenious ways on how paper towel and toilet paper rolls transform into some cute and super cool handy crafts.

Green Seedling Greenhouse

The diameter of a paper tube is the perfect size for sprouting seedlings! Why not make use of that leftover plastic produce container to make an ideal seedling greenhouse! You can just plant these Toilet Roll Seed Starter pots right into the ground. The cardboard will decompose as the plant grows.

Gift Boxes

Never buy fancy gift boxes again! Make your own with this easy Cardboard Tube Pillow Box tutorial.

Decorating With Upcycled Paper Towel Rolls

Not only can paper towel rolls be used for organization, they can also be used for decoration around your home! It may require a little bit of time and effort, but you can create some decorative pieces – for pennies! Create beautiful décor for your home that looks like faux ironwork. (See tutorial here)


How cute are these little gnomes made from a toilet paper tube and conical paper cup? If you’d rather make this completely upcycled, you can make a cone out of scrap paper instead of using the cup. (See tutorial here)

Bird Feeder

Making a toilet paper roll bird feeder is a fun little craft that is quick and simple.  And the best part is watching for the many little “visitors” that will be coming around. (See tutorial here)

Apple Napkin Rings

This craft is awesome because it requires almost no supplies, and it’s safe to assume most of us have paper rolls around the house. Oh and it’s so cute! (See tutorial here)

Phone Holder

Although you can always buy a phone holder, wouldn’t it be nice to be able to create one by yourself? If you are looking to replace your old phone holder or simply need a new project to recycle those toilet paper rolls, this easy DIY phone holder is sure to inspire you!

Paper Lanterns

A fun way to add a festive garland to a party that also adds some cool lighting when the sun goes down, Polka Dot Paper Lanterns.

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